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How software modernization can help to save your money

Michael Outhier 09.08.2022

In this article, we look at the impact of application modernization on business costs.

Everything you should know about Middleware

Michael Outhier 27.07.2022

In this article, we are going to explain the importance that Middleware has for the corporate IT environment and will offer for your consideration the concept itself and some advantages that your business can obtain with its adoption.

Reasons why companies move to the cloud and what prevents them from this step

Michael Outhier 12.07.2022

Companies that offer software products have the continuing challenges of supporting their software, doing upgrades and getting their clients to install them. In this article we explained how moving to the cloud can mitigate many of these challenges.

Reengineering. Why does it matter?

Michael Outhier 23.06.2022

An enterprise can’t continue working without its own information system but it is also practically impossible to work with the legacy software. In this article we will talk about reengineering and why it is necessary.

Code refactoring in Delphi

Michael Outhier 09.06.2022

In this article we will demonstrate refactoring main features, benefits of using it and several techniques that, when used together, allow a gain in productivity in possible maintenance of the source code.

System integration methods and approaches. Why does it matter?

Michael Outhier 24.05.2022

As a rule, the integration of systems is aimed at improving the efficiency of the company’s business processes where information systems are applied.
In this article, we will consider basic information system integration approaches which will help us to demonstrate possible ways of solving various business tasks related to the need to organize the interaction of systems.

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