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Total cost of ownership (TCO) considerations when migrating legacy systems to the Cloud

Michael Outhier 25.01.2023

In this article, we offer you to have a look at some of the key financial considerations to be taken into account, researched, and decided upon, which will help an organization affect the stakeholders and drive the necessary decisions.

What is software scalability? Why does it matter?

Michael Outhier 13.01.2023

Business begins with a specific set of information system requirements. However, as a company grows, the issue of scalability of its software systems grows in importance.

How does a business analyst help to reduce costs and minimize risk in development projects?

Michael Outhier 27.12.2022

From this article you will learn about the importance of business analysis, its benefits, and how having a business analyst helps reduce costs and minimize risks in development projects.

The importance of documenting your system (and using the documentation)

Michael Outhier 13.12.2022

This article goes through the classic Five Ws (what, why, when, where and who), plus, a “how” to detail the importance of documentation and actions to keep it up to date with little effort.

How-to: 5 Practical steps of migrating a legacy system to the Cloud

Michael Outhier 23.11.2022

In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of migration of a legacy system to the Cloud, as well as describe the step-by-step process. It will also highlight some of the potential risks and challenges associated with such a migration.

How Software as a Service works

Michael Outhier 08.11.2022

In this article, you can find out how SaaS works and what benefits your business can enjoy.

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