Development & integration of a real-time equipment monitoring system of the Institute

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In this project, we developed & integrated a real-time equipment monitoring system for a research institute
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8 500 000+ lines of code



In laboratory research, many materials have to be kept in an environment with a controlled temperature. Any controlled environment at a particular moment can get out of order. Our client had to be ready for it and have the possibility to manage loss risk.

They contacted us for developing and implementing a system for monitoring freezers with ultra-low temperatures that are used for keeping unique biological samples.

The list of key issues that we had to address included:

  • Tech obsolescence (10-year-old system’s failure risks);
  • Bad tech support;
  • Not an intuitive user interface;
  • Non-informative emergency messages;
  • Dependency on PC-based proprietary program interfaces;
  • The necessity to cost-efficiently connect equipment and services from different vendors;
  • The necessity to provide remote access (preferably via a web interface);
  • The flexibility of signaling pathways;
  • The requirement for having alarm reports with useful information.



When we were looking for the most appropriate solution, we analyzed ready-made monitoring systems and considered the possibility to create our own specialized system. After detailed analysis, we rejected the idea of using a ready-made system as we found out that they did not ensure the entire functionality that our customer required.

We had to get numerous freezers, control them in real time and send an alarm signal if necessary. The solution that we’ve chosen is based on a Web-powered multi-protocol controller that is connected to devices with open architecture. The use of a web-powered device means that the system doesn’t depend on a PC that has a lot of installed software and its own operational system for ensuring system functionality. In this case, a controller could be connected to a local intranet and viewed via a standard web browser.

The installation of a device with a multi-communication protocol also ensured long-term project viability. As the system is growing, there will be a possibility to connect other equipment and collect information on a higher level.


We designed and created a system that provided our client with:

  • new technology with a focus on future demands;
  • a possibility to expand the number of controlled objects with the institute’s growth;
  • the increase in responsibility of all departments for reacting to alarm signals;
  • an intuitive interface between a system and an operator;
  • a system that the client can control and manage.



  • Development and implementation of a freezer monitoring system let our customer get the possibility to control the temperature in real-time. As a result, it became easier to avoid undesirable consequences for their research and to manage the related risks.
  • As a result of our work, the client got a new technology with the possibility to adjust it to their future needs.

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