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In this project, we’ve developed & integrated a hardware-software complex for providing paid access to water parks.
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Our client on this project was an operator of a chain of hotels with water parks. They contacted us with a request to develop and integrate a hardware-software solution for the water park’s processes automation.

The key goal of our client was to increase the quality of the interaction with visitors and to ensure transparency and financial security of payments conducted by visitors at the hotel. It was also required to provide new opportunities for visitors at the water park: access to paid services, cashless payments, access to paid areas, etc.



We divided the concept of automation system into two types: for summer holiday water parks and all-season indoor water parks that are located in multifunctional facilities.
The main task is to motivate visitors to spend as much time as possible in water parks and encourage them to buy more additional services.
For solving this task we offered to introduce a club system for visiting water parks with the season and annual tickets, a bonus program, and a reward loyalty system. In those cases when a water park works in the framework of multifunctional facilities, a visitor’s club card can be linked to all points of sale of the complex within a single bonus system and a system of loyalty points accumulation. According to statistical data, a client of a summer water park visits it once or twice per year which means that it is necessary to make these visits as efficient for the water park as possible.

From the perspective of the convenience for clients and their interaction with the facilities, the automation system offers the following benefits:
fully cashless payments for goods and services;
access to additional tariff zones;
client identification for photo fixation on rides;
access to a storage unit;
possibility to take part in events at the water park.

We developed a software-hardware solution for automation of the water park work that allows organizing interaction with clients in an efficient, timely, and transparent manner. The solution includes the following elements:

Blocking devices. They are intended for blocking movement in different directions. They are electric strikes, barriers, turnstiles, gates, lock cabins, electromagnetic and electromechanical locks, and automatic traffic barriers.
Identifiers. They are contactless bracelets that store a unique code. The system uses this code to identify a visitor and then to open access to the rights and services provided to this person.
Reader. It is a device that detects an identifier. It is placed in door and gate locks and other system components that function as mobile fences.
Controller. It is a key element of the system. Its productivity and reliability are among the main factors that have an influence on the work of the entire solution. It stores codes of identifiers and matches them with all the data received from bracelets.
Terminals for making payments and deposits. They are used instead of no-portable cash registers for recharging the balance of a visitor’s personal account.
Software. Software solutions are obligatory for complex multifunctional systems that are able to create detailed reports based on the received data.

Thanks to the integration of a new system in the infrastructure of the water park, it is possible:
To increase the accuracy and quality of financial transactions at the water park by eliminating a human factor and cash payments;
To organize a fully transparent water park functioning online;
To ensure high quality and speed of providing services;
To control access to the zones of additional tariffs and services;
To organize flexible management of the tariff system and loyalty program for increasing the number of visitors.



  • The introduction of season tickets, a club system, and a system of discounts positively influenced the engagement of visitors and the number of payment transactions.
  • Our clients shared with us the following results of the new system implementation:The average time spent at the water park increased by 37%;
    The average bill increased by 13.2%;
    The number of visits by one person increased by 70%;
    The number of visitors increased by 16%.
  • The online control over financial transactions and indicators allows business owners to timely react to the needs of visitors which resulted in higher visitor satisfaction.
  • The client is going to develop areas for children as thanks to the system implementation, they have detected a high demand for these services from the side of clients.

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