Integration of an ERP system for a media company

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In this project, we integrated an ERP system for a media company.
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Our client was a media company that provides IP television services and media products all over the world. Business growth opens new possibilities for attracting investments and entering new markets which also results in the transformation of business processes, operations, IT infrastructure, etc. When the number of clients significantly increased, our client decided to enhance the existing business model. They wanted to make it possible for users to conduct payments on a monthly basis, not annually as it used to be before.

The introduction of these changes to the subscription model required a serious transformation of the ongoing business processes. It became obvious that it was necessary to integrate a corporate ERP system. The company contacted us for getting a consultation and finding an efficient solution for leading business and quick adaptation to the quickly changing market demands.

The key task for us was to provide recommendations and integrate an ERP system that would correspond to the existing company’s business processes given the future expansion plans.



We analyzed the client’s business processes and offered a more appropriate solution. It was required to conduct the integration as soon as possible as the business had to process a constantly growing data array.

We created a detailed plan for the ERP system integration project. After its approval, our team got to work. The number of internal and external users turned out to be bigger than it was supposed initially. This fact significantly complicated the migration of data to a new system. We faced challenges in fulfilling some operations of the system and we had to quickly react to requirement changes.

And last but not least, we had a task to integrate an ERP system with all the necessary services. It was expected to allow us to ensure sustainable and uninterrupted work of the entire business machine: from notifications and inventory management to acquiring systems and legal resources.

Thanks to close cooperation with the client’s IT department, our team managed to integrate a comprehensive ERP system, make all the necessary integrations, create and set up all the required modules. It helped to satisfy the demand for sustainable and scalable software solutions that are compatible with internal and external services, work on local servers and stand out for fast reporting and visualized analytics. Moreover, they ensure support and maintenance cost reduction.

With this solution, we have helped our client to achieve the main goal – to update a subscription model that the company’s clients can use.



  • Our team managed to realize the project in the timeframes set by the client. Thanks to this, more than a thousand new clients have already tested a monthly subscription option. It allowed the media company to better understand the needs and demands of their clients in the process of interaction with their products and services.
  • The digital transformation has led to an increase in revenue, opened new market opportunities, and, what is even more important, helped to enhance client loyalty.

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