Legacy software migration from desktop to web for a supplier of advanced industrial solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturing

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In this project, we migrated a legacy app from desktop to web for a supplier of advanced industrial solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
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Azure DevOps
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.NET Core


16+ months


1 million lines of code



Our client was a supplier of industrial solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Their app is used for managing the process of medication production and has a special module for operating administrative tasks, as well as conducting monitoring and analysis.

They contacted us as their app had only a desktop version and it was necessary to develop a web version and implement new functionality.



After analyzing the tech stack and data set used by the client as well as other important details, we set to work. The legacy code made the entire process quite complicated and was an obstacle to modernization and implementing new features. We conducted a code review and fixed the bugs where it was required. 

Our team created the front-end part of the web app from scratch. We managed to introduce the look and functionality of the old app in the new one. Based on the project requirements, we developed a user-friendly design.

The web app for the operating module allows users to easily control and monitor the medication manufacturing process directly on the production equipment and remotely. The convenient interface of the app with information that is updated in real-time lets administrators track and manage the work of a module and react to potential problems.

The key characteristics of the app:

  • Real-time updates on the dashboards in the components of module management, monitoring, and analysis;
  • Visualized and structured data;
  • Web access via a compatible browser;
  • Responsive user interface and updated corporate design.



  • As a result of our work, now clients of the company have the possibility to easily integrate visualization into any equipment that is able to display web apps.
  • Dashboards and real-time visualization accompanied by an intuitively clear user interface let managers and operators control the manufacturing process and efficiently reduce the number of industrial incidents.
  • With a new clean code that was written in accordance with modern standards, the client’s team can quickly implement new features and modernize the app.

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