Migration of 30 websites from Delphi to ASP.NET Core and Microsoft Azure

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In this project, we modernized the UI of 30 websites and migrated them from Delphi to ASP.NET Core

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6 months for realization


2 million lines of code



Our client was a company that develops ERP systems for different businesses. In this case, we worked with the software built for logistics companies that offer sea cargo transportation services. Being one of the pioneers of offering solutions of this kind for businesses, our client faced such a situation when the existing software turned out to be obsolete and its modernization was required urgently. The solutions included two parts: a desktop part that was used by logistics experts and a web part that was targeted at the clients of these logistics companies.

The client had more than 30 IIS-powered websites developed with Delphi. They were provided to clients as white label products. Using these websites, logistics companies established communication with users of their services. The main problem was related to the fact that these websites were not compatible with modern browsers and could work only with Internet Explorer. As a result, users don’t have any possibility to get access to the web pages.

Before contacting us, the client already had started migrating their software to another technology. Two of the websites had already been migrated from Delphi to ASP.NET Core. The client was satisfied with the quality of the work done by their own team but the team was not able to migrate all sites within the deadlines (all work had to be done within 6 months). So it became obvious that their in-house resources were not enough for this project. That’s why they asked for our help.
As we had worked on some other projects for this client before, they knew our capacities and chose us to perform the migration.



When we started working on this project, it was quite difficult to understand the entire scale of all the things that had to be done. That’s why we offered our client to build our cooperation in accordance with the principles of the Time and Material model so that we could introduce all the necessary changes, add new members to the project team and update the deadlines. However, we had a strictly set final deadline which was one of the challenges for us.

Though all the websites were similar, they had client-dependent customizations, and we couldn’t migrate them in “one shot”. That’s why each website required an individual approach and detailed analysis.
At the beginning of the project, our team included two developers and one business analyst but we expanded the team after a while.

Together with the client’s team, we made a decision to migrate the web part of the software to the cloud to ensure the better performance of the websites and enhance user experience.

We conducted the migration and modernization of 30 websites, introduced some necessary improvements and UI/UX updates in order to make these websites look and feel modern. Despite the strict timeframes and huge volumes of work, everything was ready in time.



  • We successfully migrated all 30 websites to cloud in time. Thereby, the maintenance costs have been significantly reduced.
  • After the UI/UX updates and improvements were made the websites began looking modern.
  • As a result, according to the inner research conducted by the company, the level of user satisfaction has significantly increased since the launch of the updated versions of the websites.

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