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In this project, we migrated the legacy system to Microsoft Azure Cloud for manufacturers of heat exchangers.
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The client that we worked with in this project was a manufacturer of heat exchangers for such industries as the food industry, transport, energy, etc.

The system that had been used by the company for more than two decades was based on obsolete technologies and had been built by people who had already left the company. Its maintenance required additional efforts which led to the growing costs of the related processes.

The company wanted to have a modern system that would quickly provide results of calculations as it is one of the crucial factors for heat exchange solutions that have a huge influence on the decision of a client who is looking for a vendor. That’s the company contacted us with a request to find a good solution for their issues.



After careful analysis, we offered to migrate the existing system to Microsoft Azure Cloud in order to update the slow and obsolete system as well as to benefit from the flexibility, cost-efficiency, and high performance of the cloud platform.

Obsolete systems that have been used for many years have unique characteristics that require additional planning. To make sure that the result of our work will correspond to the client’s needs, first of all, we defined precise tasks and set the stages of the project realization that presupposed migration of the legacy software to Azure Cloud.

At first, we conducted a pilot migration that allowed us to test the system in simulated situations that were similar to everyday processes. It helped us to have a look at how users interacted with a new environment and to eliminate all the shortcomings before an official release. Despite some additional expenses, this approach let us detect potential problems before migration.

Before the system migration to Azure Cloud, we also backed up all data in order not to lose anything. After that, our team managed to successfully migrate the system to the cloud.



  • Thanks to the work conducted by our team, the client managed to reduce expenses and resources needed for system maintenance and got the possibility to optimize workloads as well as make them more cost-efficient.
  • Now there is no need to plan any tasks related to server or service restart, which means zero downtime.

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