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We migrated the app that was written in Web Forms in 2009 to the Microsoft Azure cloud.
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1+ Years


400 000+ lines of code



Our client was a pharmacy company that in its work needs to test new medicine, prevent duplication of participants, and minimize the risks of protocol breaches and placebo cases. They had their web app that was intended for authorization of participants and their tracking as well as monitoring of record databases. They contacted us with a request to migrate this app to the cloud with a view to streamlining their business processes and staying competitive in the market.



The system was built specifically for particular equipment and we were afraid that it wouldn’t work fast and efficiently on virtual machines. Moreover, the system uses tools provided by external vendors and it was impossible to predict whether they would function correctly in the cloud. Before deploying the ASP.NET Web Forms app on Azure, we created a development environment in the cloud and conducted testing with the help of a testing data set for detecting different kinds of problems without interfering with the production process. The system included an MS SQL database and a web server where the web portal and a biometric service server were located. All these apps were built for being placed in the local network. That’s why our team had to carefully prepare the cloud environment before conducting migration and to rewrite some parts of the web app. When we proceeded to the migration of the ASP.NET Web Forms app to Microsoft Azure and activated Azure Firewall, we found out that it was blocking some particular request types but their processing was a part of system work. That’s why we replaced it with Cloudflare Firewall that allowed making all the necessary requests and protected the system from hacking attempts. As a result, we managed to ensure the correct functioning of the testing environment and moved the production to the cloud. It was the easiest part of this project.



      • We upgraded all the system parts and external tools. As a result, we managed to conduct a successful migration.
      • After the cloud migration, the speed of report generation was increased by 150 times.


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