Modernization of a web app for а market research company

Client`s pains

Project size

In this project, we modernized the web applications for а market research company
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14 months for realization


450 000+ lines of code



In this project, we worked with a company that provides measurement and data analysis. The company offers the most comprehensive and reliable information on customers and markets all over the world.

The client’s web app which had been developed by a third-party vendor didn’t function in the right way. The search feature didn’t work properly as it didn’t scan all the input fields. The data import from Excel files also was not available if the text in the documents was formatted in a way that differed from some particular parameters. 

The app also had some serious issues with the user interface that were related to the screen resolution. The client also wanted to implement a payment functionality in order to add a paid subscription plan.



We fully redesigned the functionality of the web app. Our team solved all the problems with the user interface resolution, ensured that the design is fully responsive, and implemented a deep search functionality that is able to scan all input fields. We also improved the Excel file import function and highlighted the key parameters of the origin Excel files so that a user could know what should be changed in order to import a file to the app.

For creating a payment feature, we built a new part of backend logic and now an app has two different user roles. We installed different permissions to the data for both roles in accordance with the subscription policy.

After the logic deployment, our team introduced payment functionality and allowed registered users to get subscriptions and view more data in the app.



  • Thanks to the conducted modernization, the client’s app has become more popular among users and they are ready to pay for it.
  • Now, all the features work as they are supposed to.

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